sun shade sails for outdoor space

I’m sure you will agree with me when i say that 


the sun makes everything so bright and colorful especially during morning as the grass becomes greener it basically makes everything fun to watch outdoors.There are days when  we want to go outside to read a book in the garden or sip some hot coffee in patio or just relax in swimming pool specially during summer.


we can do all of that but…


the bright light that the sun gives also renders something less acceptable not only for us but also for the kids who wants to play outside.ultraviolet and the intense heat


ultraviolet radiation is a kind of light that is produces by the sun it is both beneficial and harmful to humans and is the best source of vitamin D however prolonged exposure to uv radiation is the prime cause of premature ageing,  eye damage and skin damage leading to skin cancer.


aside from the ultraviolet radiation the intense heat of the sun makes your body act wierd and some people are not used to heat, our body reacts to heat by sweating, sweating makes our bodies cool down just like a cars radiator but sometimes prolonged exposure to heat leads to heat stroke or heat exhaustion which is very serious.


but there’s a solution…


lots of companies creates a product that will make our lives more comfortable so enjoying outdoor activities during summer makes us more productive and that is by using sun shade sails.


what is a shade sail?

a shade cloth is a knitted high density polyethylene fabric that is use as an alternative for expensive umbrella or patio.


it is said that the ancient civilization of egypt were the first people to harness the usability of shade fabric that is dated back to three thousand five hundred bc.


romans and ancient greeks also use sizable pieces of fabric for their coloseum and buildings, as a matter of fact the romans used canvas (sail) from their boats for it.


The durability of the fabric from those time were only as strong as how it is woven but during the industrial revolution the materials  evolved and shade fabric were often made of linen.


fast forward today sun shade sails were primarily produce in united states and australia and the two largest importers of high quality fabrics


the benefits of having a sun shade sail

having ,shade sails in your outdoor area makes your space more relaxing. it has a breathable fabric which traps the heat into the cloth and makes the air more cooler, it also gives uv protection so no worry if you need to stay outside for hours.


a shade cloth’s UV resistance depends on the color of fabric the rule of thumb is the darker the color the more UV protection it has. some manufacturers treats some shade sails very differently, some offers 80-90℅ while others makes their fabric at a maximum of 100℅ with warranty from uv degredation.Should you buy one?


if you want a retractable shading solution for your residential or commercial spaces a shade sail is the best product to buy.

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