5 Steps to Get Tiles and Grout Gleaming Again Home Improvement Tips

Tiles are a great choice for flooring – attractive, easy to clean and modern, perfect for all homes. Most homes feature tiles in at least the kitchen and the bathroom, as these rooms need to be waterproof and easy to clean, which is what tiles provide to the environment. But over time dirt, grime, mould and dust can build up on the surface of the tiles, and especially in the grout, which is porous and absorbs a large amount of impurities. If left this way, the grout can darken or even turn black, and is difficult to clean via conventional methods. This means that no matter how hadr or how much you clean, your floors never look quite clean. Here we look at 5 steps to get your tiles and grout sparkling clean and white again.


Professional Cleaning


When it comes to carpet cleaning, Brisbane companies can handle any job, but a great carpet cleaner can also take care of your tiles as well. A professional carpet and tile floor cleaner is perfect for deep cleaning your tiles and removing ground in dirt, dust and mould. A tile steam cleaner and other professional cleaning equipment can deep clean and lift out dirt and stains that are deep within the grout.


This really transforms the grout for the best effect of any method. Make sure you seal the tiles and grout once they have been professionally cleaned to keep out dirt and stains. This helps the deep cleaning effect to last longer.


Home Cleaning Products


If you want to quickly clean up and touch up your tile floors at home with products you have around the house, there is a number of effective home cleaning products you can use around the house to get your tiles gleaming again. Using baking soda can help you to scrub out some of the stains and dirt while remaining gentle on the tiles. Finish it off with a spray of vinegar and water combined, which foams up with the baking soda to produce an effective, home-made cleaning solution.


Baking soda and vinegar re the perfect home cleaning products that are both natural, gentle and perfect for when there are kids and pets in the house.




Bleach is another effective way to get mouldy and dark tiles and grout to be white again, especially if other methods haven’t worked. You can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide, diluted and sprayed onto tiles. Leave the hydrogen peroxide solution for a few mins before scrubbing or rinsing away.


Alternatively, you can use a chlorine bleach solution, which in some cases is stronger and more effective. However, keep in mind that chlorine bleach can release chlorine gas when used, so always use it in a well-ventilated area.




Sometimes the only thing that will get dirty tiles and grout clean is some good, old fashioned elbow grease. Use a hand brush for larger areas such as the surface of tiles, but a toothbrush is perfect for the fine lines of grout and the corners, as it can get into those tight spaces.


Some expert cleaners even recommend amping up your hand scrubbing methods by using an old electric toothbrush to really bring out that deeply ingrained dirt and mould. Of course, always test your scrubbing brush on a small patch first, to check that it is compatible with your grout and tiles.


Steam Cleaning


Bring the professional techniques home by using a steam cleaner on your tiles to get them clean and gleaming. You can buy and inexpensive steam mop or hire a steam cleaner for yourself for a one off use. While these are not as effective as the professional tools that expert cleaners use, they are perfect for touch-ups and keeping your environment clean on a day to day basis, and between professional cleans.


Steam cleaning is one of the most gentle and safe methods as well, as no chemicals are used, and yet the hot steam effectively removes dirt and bacteria.


With these tips you can enjoy clean and glowing tiles all year round, and restore your home to it’s original state.

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